Chance Pe Dance Car-Nama super successful!


Chance Pe Dance Car-Nama super successful!

Shahid & Genelia spend the night in a car to promote their film


Shahid Kapoor and Genelia Dsouza's one night inside the car turned out to be the biggest Car-Mama of the year. Pushing the envelope of movie promotion to the next level, the Chance Pe Dance lead couple decided to spend a full night in a car, much like their characters in the film. The UTV Motion Pictures event saw a huge turnout as media – Tv, Radio, print and websites poured in to see this unusual event of a lead pair of a Bollywood spend a full night in a car! There was much excitement and anticipation with the idea of this vivacious young couple deciding to spend one full night inside a small car.


The event started at midnight when the lead pair made an entry amidst much cheering. Carrying their backpacks they surveyed the car they were to sleep in and then went on to interact with the media. Both Shahid and Genelia challenged the media to a friendly game of let-see-who-falls-asleep-first!


Shahid had carried Odomos, his iPod and some DVDs while Genelia had packed munchies for the night.


The media and fans got a glimpse of the fun side of the stars as they interacted with them and shared life stories, days of struggle and how difficult it is for strugglers to make it in the film industry. Direct Ken Ghosh joined in soon enough and around 2 am choreographer and friend Ahmad Khan also joined the gang to take the party to the next level.


Not forgetting international fans, the full event from midnight to early morning was also shown live on the internet through live streaming via webcast on the premiere Hindi film site Bollywood Hungama, and instantly became a toasted event in the international fan communities. And because it was live streaming the fans could see their favourite couple on their computers screen and kept in touch with them via Twitter in real time!


Shahid took an onlooker channels camera and played a journalist as he went about interacting with the cutting chai vendor, the vada paav seller and also caught a TV producer who had dosed off, reminding them that Genelia and he were still awake at 3 am while one of them had broken the promise of staying awake together and snoozed off! There was much laugher as the person woke up to realize that he was surrounded by his own colleagues and all the cameras pointed at him! There was much laughter and bonhomie, and Genelia and Shahid seemed to have completely forgotten all about the cameras surrounding them.


Day break saw Red FM come in with 6 dhol players and trumpeters who had come with the intention of wakening up the lead couple. They were pleasantly surprised to find the two cheerful and fully awake!


Post radio interaction Shahid ended this never-seen-before-event in yet another innovative way by using the toothpaste tube as crayon to write down full cast and crew names of Chance Pe Dance on the wind shield of the car. This was their way of saying bye to all at 7am. Chance Pe Dance releases on January 15th, 2009



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