Gracy's youngest fan

Recently Gracy Singh has a new fan and a true freind as well. This time the fan is four years old boy Abir, he is actor Raghuvir Yadav's son. He has seen Dekh Bhai Dekh and was very fond of the character Bubbly. Each and everytime he used to keep asking his father Raghuvir for meeting Gracy personally. And everytime Raghuvir used to tell him that he will arrange a meeting with his favourtite Bubbly. Recently Gracy, and Raghuvir Yadav is dubbing for their upcoming film 'White Land' directed by Jatin Gilator and Raghuvir Yadav has comepleted his dubbing portion and Gracy just entered for dubbing. And suddenly Abir called in his father's cell and as usual asking for Bubbly. Raghuvir Yadav then said that his favourite character is here and once he heard that he couldn't stop himself to come straight at the dubbing studio. When he enetered he was asking for Gracy but couldn't found her, Gracy was in front of him only, later when he saw Gracy he was quite amused because he was expecting that his favourite Bubbly would be in same costume but no Gracy was in her jeans and T shirts. But later he became so friendly with Gracy that she couldn't dubbed for the entire day. She had alraedy given two hours time to the director for dubbing but she couldn't  dubb.



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