'Red Alert' became Sameera Reddy's moral duty!

Playing a deglam role is something no glamorous actress wants to do. At least not these days. So, when Sameera Reddy read the script of Anant Mahadevan's Red Alert, her first reaction to the deglam role was apprehension and she almost turned the film down. But then, she was shooting for Buddhadeb Dasgupta, she spoke to some local people and actors in Kolkata. When she heard about the gruesome stories and what the naxalites have had to go through, she took it as her moral duty that the story of the naxalites has to be told. So, she happily consented to do the deglam role.

And, if she has made the right choice, director Anant is also pleased with his choice of casting Sameera. He is all praises of her, as he says, "Sameera Reddy has a great potential as an actor. The fact that her fans consider her as a glam doll is a brownie point. Not only did she take up the challenging role but she also did justice to it amongst actors like Seema Biswas." Ananth goes on to add, "Sameera Reddy had done the film with Buddadeb Dasgupta, and I felt this girl can be tapped into doing something more realistic not stupid 'unreal'glamour… And that exactly is what happened when she donned the uniform of the naxalite. She immediately realized that she was in very different  wicket and not a run of the mill story."



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