Who is Salman feeding?

Who is Salman feeding?

Now before you get any ideas – let's just clarify with you that we aren't referring to a person here!

We are talking about elephants!

Eros International and Vijay Galani's Veer – Bollywood's biggest epic film till date has a monstrous number of cast crew and animals –yes animals!

Horses, Camels, Elephants were as good as flooded on the sets we hear and who took care of them you ask?

Well Salman Khan himself!

Reveals a production source "Salman would take care of the horses and see to it that they were well looked after. But when it came to the elephants Salman would literally go and feed them himself and pet them"

Salman already has pet dogs who he treats like royalty and his love for animals we see extends well past his own pets.



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