Aditi Rathore

STAR Plus’ show Naamkarann has been a national favourite and has lived up to the much hype created around it. Ever since the makers have announced a 12 year leap in the show, Aditi Rathore, who is going to play the grown up Avni (lead protagonist) in the show, has been on her toes to get into the character’s skin completely.

To get an essence of Avni, how she talks, her level of maturity at such a tender age and much more; Aditi is giving it her all to get into Avni’s shoes completely. In fact, not only the actress spent a day or two with Arsheen Naamdar, who is currently touted as younger Avni, but also, she went to the lengths of watch all the episode of Naamkarann till date to get the hang of it. The stunning diva, is on a Naamkarann marathon ever since she signed the contract of Avni. Not only does she watch it in her leisure time, but she also continues to watch the episodes at night after she comes back from her shoot.

Her dedication was much appreciated, when the show’s creator and Bollywood’s veteran director, Mahesh Bhatt, briefed her about Avni. The actress started watching the show from the beginning when it first aired in September up till now. The actress’ hard work is truly paying off after she was complimented for her performance as Avni on the sets!



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