Tanvi Thakkar

Notes to myself- Tanvi Thakkar

Ups and downs are part of an actor's career and actor Tanvi Thakkar has a great way of dealing with disappointments. The actor, who is part of the show TV Biwi aur Main, says writing always makes her feel better. "When I am feeling low, I write down by thoughts. It always helps me feel better. I have been doing this since a while and it helps me a lot," she says.

Besides acting, Tanvi wants to direct as well. "I am also looking forward to directing one day and have already written something that I really want to make...hopefully that will happen someday in future," she says.

Another thing that keeps Tanvi busy is painting. "I am a very creative person and I paint a lot. I like doing up my house as well. If I wasn't an actor, I would have probably been an art director because I like setting up and decorating things," she says



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