Priyamvada Kant

Priyamvada Kant unplugged

1) The TV show  which made me very popular 
Sharda from Tenali Rama 

2) Had I not been a TV actor /actress I would have probably
Always wanted to be an actor so I’m glad this happened, I’m a trained dancer and I write so would have definitely perused that.

3) If I go out on a romantic ‘date’ I expect 
Great conversations, laughter and flattery 

4) My favourite snack/s when ‘eating out’ in Mumbai is 
Sevpuri all the way

5) If I ever lose my cellphone I
My life will come to a standstill. I have nomophobia, I can’t live without my phone

6) Actually, I find it so embarrassing 
I cant remember names, I think it’s very embarrassing when they come to talk to you and you can’t recognise them

7) One thing I wish to drastically change about Mumbai is
Traffic and litter I think everyone would agree

8) One ‘hot’ /actor I would like to be marooned on an
Chris Hemsworth aka Thor have you seen him in Thor: Ragnarok? 

9) My favourite destination/s both foreign and Indian
 Anything that has a beach, in India or abroad is my favourite 

10) If I ever merit a Bollywood movie debut I would love to be cast
the opposite ( and why)
Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh! I’m not that picky because they are the two most talented actors right now



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