Tinaa Dattaa

Age is just a number for me: Tinaa Dattaa

Actor Tinaa Dattaa turned a year older recently and says that her work is the biggest gift that she has got on her birthday. The actor, who is part of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karamphaldata Shani, is enjoying being part of the show.

“I think the biggest thing that has happened this birthday is me getting to be part of Shani. I have been getting an amazing response for the same,” she says.

The actor loves being part of the show. “Working in Shani is fun. Our creatives Siddharth and Smruti are amazing. 
And our director Rana sir makes it all the more fun for all of us. When you are working with Rana sir, you don’t feel like you are working, it’s so much fun!” she says.

Ask which she has been her most memorable birthday so far, and she says, “My most memorable birthdays were those that I celebrated during was my childhood. At the time, I used to celebrate with my school friends... there was so much innocence and purity in whatever we did then,” she says.

Does she agree that age is just a number? “Yes, for me, age has always been just a number. How old you are depends on how you behave. Work is a priority for me and I love working on all my birthdays,” she says.

Talking about future plans, the actor adds, “I want to do more shows and entertain people more. That is all what I wish for. I am a workaholic and I love to work.”



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